Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Adventures

Taking my business to a new level

I enjoy creating new herbal potions to address many of my skin issues and health concerns of various family and friends. I continue to educate myself on a sustainable way of life, and how to harness nature & creativity to help me achieve my goals. Whether it be health, happiness or even a little income, I look for a way that nature & creativity can be involved.
I want to offer my education and my herbal products to many more people. I had often toyed with the idea of a brick & mortar shop.  I have partnered with a like minded friend to open a shop that is the perfect blend of sustainability, creativity, nature and fun.

The Crafty Cauldron is a melting pot of all things crafty.  No, I'm not talking witchcraft & spells, well not exactly... I create my herbal potions of all sorts and my business partner, she wiggles her magic wand (crochet hook) and, presto, something appears!
Being creative is sadly becoming a thing of the past.  We see more and more technology replacing imagination, and in the process, being crafty is being forgotten.  We want to make sure that skills that our past generations used, are not lost.  We have gathered many crafters to help us with this mission.
We get together with them and the creativity magic just flows. We have classes to teach some skills like crochet, knitting, painting, jewelry making, and, of course, fun children crafts that let their imagination take hold.  We have reached out to many farmers that raise sheep or alpacas and use their fiber in some way. We have hand dyed yarns and fibers from them, and we make them available to people who might not be able to find such things.
I have learned many new skills since I have started my new venture, and will continue to learn and share these skills.  If you are in the area and would like to craft chat, feel free to stop in, have a cup of tea, and be inspired.

The Crafty Cauldron, 91 Central St., Winchendon MA 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

7 Acre Farm's Janet Lee on "Be My Guest" - with Jan Lewis

Hi again everyone.
It's been a while since I was able to post, but I've been busy researching and working on products.  I am becoming more and more passionate about staying NATURAL, which is so difficult to do these days.  I overhear conversations around me about things other people have discovered in their life as toxic or dangerous.  I want to join in the conversation so badly, but I refrain. I am glad that GMO is a hot topic these days, as it has pushed people to see some truth about all of the chemicals in their day-to-day endeavors . I get more comments these days commending me what I do and make in light of the news that people get lately. I was recently featured in Worcester Living Magazine, and a cable access TV show "be My Guest", because I am a small business trying to do the right thing for me and others. I am not a showy person, and I don't like to preach. I will share my knowledge if asked about something. I agreed to do the interview for the show, with so much hesitation but I am very glad that I did it.  I would like to share it with you now.  Many thanks to my family for giving me the confidence to show my video.

Janet Lee


Friday, February 21, 2014

Avoid Winter Skin Irritations

With winter burying us at what seems like a weekly basis  (more often for some)  lots of us need to focus a little more on our skin. Dry Skin is a common issue in the winter, especially when we are staying inside more and more.  We have extreme temperature changes that can wreak havoc on our skin. When the temperature drops, so does the humidity. The dry air strips your skin of moisture, leaving it thirsty. You need to replenish it.
Hot showers and moisture stripping soaps are not the answers. 
Choose mild, moisturizing soap when showering (handmade is best because the glycerin has not been removed).  Avoid commercial made soaps labeled "Moisturizing Bar" or "Bath Bar", as these are not truly skin conditioning SOAP.  When you are done, lightly towel dry leaving a little bit of the moisture on your skin.  Seal in that moisture with a rich, healthy body lotion or cream. 
Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep your PH balanced. (Off-Balance PH effects many skin conditions)  Green tea can also be very beneficial for this.
Avoid going out into wintery weather without some kind of moisture barrier on all exposed skin. Don't forget your lips. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stings and Bites, Bring on the Herbs

Spring Flowers are popping up all over the place.  This is such a pretty time of year. The new buds and flowers are waking up from their winter slumber.  As much as I love this time of year, I know that it is the time of year that brings some pesky little critters.  Yes, I’m talking about bees, mosquitos, hornets, wasps and so many more that bite or sting.  I know that most are beneficial creatures, but I have had my fair share of run-ins with them.  I would like to say that I have learned a way to keep from being stung or bit, but unfortunately I have not, entirely.  I have, however, found a few ways to deal with the bite or sting when they happen. 

 Bring on the herbs

*         Plantain is a wonder plant for such a situation.  If you get stung, grab a plantain leaf, squish it a bit in your fingers, and hold it on the sting.  I find that this doesn’t need to stay on long, but 5-10 minutes is a good idea.  This can also be applied and held in place with a bandage in place of any creams, salves or medicines. Change the leaf every 6-10 hours for best effectiveness.

*         If you don’t have plantain growing in your yard, or you aren’t sure what the plan is, Apple Cider vinegar can quickly help with the pain and swelling of the bite/sting. Apply it as soon as possible to the area, and keep applying a few times for relief.

*         To keep the area from swelling, you may need to apply a cream, balm or salve that is made from plantain or comfrey. 

This information is intended for people who do not have a serious allergy to bites/stings.  It can be used in conjuction, but should not replace replace medicine if you are prone to serious reactions.

Please enjoy the outdoors, and all the plants and creatures in our world.  When we are faced with challenges such as bites or stings, nature provides a remedy.  You just have to be willing to learn how to use it.

May all of your days be sting free.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back to basics…..

I have seen so many commercials about disinfectant cleaners, sprays, wipes and I’ve also been reading a lot lately, about Natural Cleansers, and Germ Killers.  I have learned more about disinfectants and antibacterials then I thought there was to know. 

One common ingredient that is under so much scrutiny is Triclosan.

Triclosan is an ingredient added to many consumer products to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination. It is a common ingredient in a lot of the liquid hand soaps available on the market today, as well as many other products we use every day.  In recent studies, conducted by the FDA, evidence has not been found that triclosan added to antibacterial soaps and body washes provides extra health benefits over soap and water.  In a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the chemical was found to be present in the urine of 75% of Americans over the age of 5.

Several studies have pointed to the possibility of triclosan altering hormone regulation in laboratory animals and can cause antibiotic resistance.

 So, with these findings, and tests continuing as more concerns are brought forward, I have to ask myself (and you) one question. Why are we using this chemical, when washing with soap and water accomplishes the same mission: cleaning the germs and bacteria off of our skin to prevent infection.

The FDA has said “At this time, the agency does not have evidence that triclosan in antibacterial soaps and body washes provides any benefit over washing with regular soap and water.”

For generations we survived on basics. Soap and water cleans effectively.  Why do we rely on chemicals?

Let’s step back and make some decisions about our safety and health, instead of being persuaded by commercials made by marketing executives, designed to convince you that their product is the best.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I joined with the North Country Sustainability Center. 
I truly believe that the center and the people involved are headed in such a positive direction.  They are trying to help others learn and carry on a lot of the lost knowledge of our ancestors.  There are so many talents that have been passed down from generation to generation, but so much more has been forgotten, lost or changed.  It’s a shame that in our busy and hurried lives, we have let such important history slip away. 
Did anyone ever teach you how to grow a garden, raise your own food, sew or make your own clothes? Do you know how to make your own soap and cleaning products, or treat simple medical issues without drugs? Has anyone ever shown you how to identify plants that are safe or not so safe. Do you know what berries are safe to eat and which ones could make you quite sick? We feel that all of these are important bits of knowledge. 

Our ancestors did so much in their lives with so little.  They got by without being materialistic. They used what they had, to do what they needed to do.  This was all out of necessity in most cases, but it spurred a way of thinking that helped people help themselves.  We have lost so much of that and we would do well to get it back.  Help us in a movement that will change the world for the better. We don’t need to give up our technologically advanced way of life to learn some skills that boost our sustainability.
Take a look around the North Country Sustainability Center website to understand the mission that has been put in motion.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shop Local and also Take Time for Yourself

Help the economy grow by shopping locally this holiday season,
 and don’t forget Small Business Saturday, November 26.

The holiday season can be hectic for some, but don’t get too caught up in the hustle bustle of the world. Remember to take some time for yourself.  Sit back and relax, even if you just give yourself a few minutes.  This will help you fight off the stresses that can cause you to get run down, so stay healthy by taking a time out, for your own good. 

With all of the holiday scents out there (there are so many good ones), keep in mind that the scent of  true lavender can help you keep your calm, and help lower stress levels.

Winter can be just as tough on your skin as the summer sun.  Colder temperatures bring on the need for heat inside homes, buildings and vehicles.  These various forms of heat can be very drying to your skin.  It can cause a form of surface dehydration, and your skin suffers.  Moisture evaporates quickly within the dry atmosphere of an overheated room and adequate skin protection should be addressed.  Proper intake of water is only one way to keep your skin’s natural moisture.

“Lotion Potion”  is an all natural,  light and creamy lotion with a base of chamomile tea for skin healing perfection.  It has been tested on various skin types and has proven a fast and highly effective remedy for skin ailments such as eczema, skin dermatitis, dry skin and even minor cuts and abrasions.
2 types available, Citrus, Lavender or Lemongrass. 2oz &  8oz  sizes available

7 Acre Farm’s all natural Lip Balm is another way to combat winter skin torture without putting on all kinds of unnecessary chemicals.  Lip Balm is available in various flavors.

7 Acre Farm

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School & Summer Wrap Up

August has come to a close and we have a lot of “Back to School” sales and shopping frenzies going on around us.  Kids are heading back to classes. Last minute vacations, back yard gatherings  and outings can be a great way to wrap up your summer. 7 Acre Farm has some ideas for your summer wrap up.

Back to School – As you send your kinds back to school with new sneakers, don’t forget the “Friendly Feet” foot deodorant so their sneakers stay smelling like new.  Embarrassing odor in the locker room can be difficult for kids, so help them avoid this situation by keeping their feet naturally odor free.
Goat Milk Soap Shave Kit – for your first time shavers, shaving can be rough on their delicate skin.  Shave kits are not just for men. Young girls can use it when they start shaving too.  Goat Milk Soap leaves your skin soft and smooth and reduces or eliminates the need for after shaves or creams.
Mosquitoes still biting – Summertime fun is still going on. Camping, hiking, hanging out on the beach, backyard or around the bonfire, can leave you susceptible to those nasty mosquitoes. Take care of those annoying bites with an Itch Stick.
Poison Ivy -  End of summer chores can lead to a dreaded case of poison ivy rash.  Sweet Fern is an age old remedy for taking care of the effects of poison ivy.  If  you know you had a brush with poison ivy, the best thing to do is to wash the affected area as soon as possible to prevent the spread or absorption of the urushiol (oil that causes the reaction) Sweet Fern soap is made especially for this.  The sweet fern in our soap is grown right here on our farm, and when you wash any poison ivy affected area, the sweet fern helps to neutralize the urushiol.  If you are not able to wash the area right away, or if you don’t know you had exposure, the sweet fern soap can help with the itching and weeping associated the rash.  Sweet Fern tea is also helpful if the rash erupts.  Just make a strong tea with a Sweet Fern tea bag, and dab it on the rash area. It helps with the itch and also helps to dry up any weeping which will allow your skin to heal quickly.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friendly Feet

 “Friendly Feet” foot deodorant

I’ve introduced a new product, after some rigorous testing.  I have a soldier in Afghanistan testing this deodorant, as well as a local track team member, and various teens with a foot odor issue.  I am proud to report that after testing under various conditions, I have gotten all positive comments about the odor control and the way that their feet feel while using it.

This All-Natural product uses a combined mixture of specialty oils and butters along with essential oils to offer skin conditioning along with superior odor control.  No harsh chemicals are necessary to control odor. Nature provides what we need to achieve our desired effects.

Friendly Feet is available now, via email, or online.  I also have this product available at the Toy Town Farmer’s Market in Winchendon MA on Thursday from 4-7.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some of my Frequently Asked Questions

I get alot of questions about my farm and my products when I attend craft fairs and farmers markets. 
Here are some of the most
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a working farm?  Yes I do. I raise milking goats and some pet goats. I also raise cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, guinea hens, and a llama.  Every animal has a purpose here on the farm, even if its being a cuddly pet.  There are no visiting hours on the farm and we do not hold tours.  Sorry.

Do you grow crops too?  I grow a vegetable garden mainly for our own consumption.  I also grow many herbs to use in my products.  I like to know that what I am using in my products are truly the herbs that are meant to be there.

Are your Products Organic?  No, my products are not labeled organic because this is a lengthy certification process.  In order to be as close to organic as possible, I do not use any chemicals or pesticides on any of my herbs or crops.  This is a promise I make to myself and my customers, but I will not pursue certification.

Itch Stick, does it really work?  Yes, I have had many testimonials on the product. All reviews have been positive.  It soothes itch with the power of Lavender, and the blend of my own farm grown herbs help skin combat the effects of the irritation, and heal quickly.  It is All-Natural. (For those with an allergy to coconut oil, I have had positive reviews about Lavender Lotion Potion helping with Itch Relief also.)

What makes Goat Milk Soap good for you?  The benefits of goat milk for your skin are plentiful. It is nourishing because it has the same PH as your skin and the fat lipids are small enough to fit into the pores of your skin. This puts moisture back into your skin so your skin will not be as dry as when you use commercial soaps.  Daily use with this outstanding balance of Goat Milk, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil makes your skin feel soft, clean and healthy.

I hope this helps with some of your questions.  If you have any others, please feel free to send an email or post to facebook.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sweet Fern Offers Poison Ivy Relief

Sweet Fern (Comptonia Peregrina)
Sweet Fern is not actually a fern, but a shrub that grows 2-3 feet high.  It tends to be found in dry sandy soils beneath pine trees where the ground is acidic.  Sweet Fern leaves have a pleasant aroma when crushed.
Sweet Fern has long been used by many cultures as a natural remedy for the dreaded weeping rash that comes from poison ivy.  The leaves are boiled until the tea that results is a dark color.  Apply the tea to the rash to provide fast itch relief.  The weeping should also stop within a few hours.  This allows the rash to dry up and begin the healing process.
Spring has finally arrived, and with that comes the danger of a brush with poison ivy.  7 Acre Farm has prepared Sweet Fern Tea Bags to help you with any poison ivy outbreaks you may get this season.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil Skin Benefits

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

The aroma of Pink Grapefruit has many therapeutic qualities.  It is an uplifting and refreshing scent which promotes positive effects against depression and creates a boost of self-esteem.  It also stimulates an energetic and positive feeling and helps balance anxiety or lack of concentration.

When Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil* is included in skin care products, there are so many more benefits. It is an effective skin toner. It benefits oily or congested skin and can help prevent or battle acne.  Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil can improve skin elasticity and ease muscle fatigue or stiffness.  It is a bactericidal antiseptic which kills odor causing bacteria (among others). It also helps battle athlete’s foot. 

*Grapefruit Oil is Phototoxic which means that sun exposure should be limited when using it on your skin.

7 Acre Farm has created a few products that include this highly beneficial oil.  Goat Milk Soap, Lip Balm and Lotion Potion are available through the website ( ), at several craft fairs and also Crafts, Crafters & Creations in Fitchburg.