Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sweet Fern Offers Poison Ivy Relief

Sweet Fern (Comptonia Peregrina)
Sweet Fern is not actually a fern, but a shrub that grows 2-3 feet high.  It tends to be found in dry sandy soils beneath pine trees where the ground is acidic.  Sweet Fern leaves have a pleasant aroma when crushed.
Sweet Fern has long been used by many cultures as a natural remedy for the dreaded weeping rash that comes from poison ivy.  The leaves are boiled until the tea that results is a dark color.  Apply the tea to the rash to provide fast itch relief.  The weeping should also stop within a few hours.  This allows the rash to dry up and begin the healing process.
Spring has finally arrived, and with that comes the danger of a brush with poison ivy.  7 Acre Farm has prepared Sweet Fern Tea Bags to help you with any poison ivy outbreaks you may get this season.


  1. My family heard about this remedy many years ago by an American Indian Doctor. Although I'm not allergic to poison ivy, my sister who is says it's the best relief for poison ivy. When it's real bad she would make a huge batch and soak in the tub with the tea. It smells pretty good too.

  2. Christine, Thank You for sharing this information.