Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friendly Feet

 “Friendly Feet” foot deodorant

I’ve introduced a new product, after some rigorous testing.  I have a soldier in Afghanistan testing this deodorant, as well as a local track team member, and various teens with a foot odor issue.  I am proud to report that after testing under various conditions, I have gotten all positive comments about the odor control and the way that their feet feel while using it.

This All-Natural product uses a combined mixture of specialty oils and butters along with essential oils to offer skin conditioning along with superior odor control.  No harsh chemicals are necessary to control odor. Nature provides what we need to achieve our desired effects.

Friendly Feet is available now, via email, or online.  I also have this product available at the Toy Town Farmer’s Market in Winchendon MA on Thursday from 4-7.

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