Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some of my Frequently Asked Questions

I get alot of questions about my farm and my products when I attend craft fairs and farmers markets. 
Here are some of the most
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a working farm?  Yes I do. I raise milking goats and some pet goats. I also raise cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, guinea hens, and a llama.  Every animal has a purpose here on the farm, even if its being a cuddly pet.  There are no visiting hours on the farm and we do not hold tours.  Sorry.

Do you grow crops too?  I grow a vegetable garden mainly for our own consumption.  I also grow many herbs to use in my products.  I like to know that what I am using in my products are truly the herbs that are meant to be there.

Are your Products Organic?  No, my products are not labeled organic because this is a lengthy certification process.  In order to be as close to organic as possible, I do not use any chemicals or pesticides on any of my herbs or crops.  This is a promise I make to myself and my customers, but I will not pursue certification.

Itch Stick, does it really work?  Yes, I have had many testimonials on the product. All reviews have been positive.  It soothes itch with the power of Lavender, and the blend of my own farm grown herbs help skin combat the effects of the irritation, and heal quickly.  It is All-Natural. (For those with an allergy to coconut oil, I have had positive reviews about Lavender Lotion Potion helping with Itch Relief also.)

What makes Goat Milk Soap good for you?  The benefits of goat milk for your skin are plentiful. It is nourishing because it has the same PH as your skin and the fat lipids are small enough to fit into the pores of your skin. This puts moisture back into your skin so your skin will not be as dry as when you use commercial soaps.  Daily use with this outstanding balance of Goat Milk, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil makes your skin feel soft, clean and healthy.

I hope this helps with some of your questions.  If you have any others, please feel free to send an email or post to facebook.


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