Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School & Summer Wrap Up

August has come to a close and we have a lot of “Back to School” sales and shopping frenzies going on around us.  Kids are heading back to classes. Last minute vacations, back yard gatherings  and outings can be a great way to wrap up your summer. 7 Acre Farm has some ideas for your summer wrap up.

Back to School – As you send your kinds back to school with new sneakers, don’t forget the “Friendly Feet” foot deodorant so their sneakers stay smelling like new.  Embarrassing odor in the locker room can be difficult for kids, so help them avoid this situation by keeping their feet naturally odor free.
Goat Milk Soap Shave Kit – for your first time shavers, shaving can be rough on their delicate skin.  Shave kits are not just for men. Young girls can use it when they start shaving too.  Goat Milk Soap leaves your skin soft and smooth and reduces or eliminates the need for after shaves or creams.
Mosquitoes still biting – Summertime fun is still going on. Camping, hiking, hanging out on the beach, backyard or around the bonfire, can leave you susceptible to those nasty mosquitoes. Take care of those annoying bites with an Itch Stick.
Poison Ivy -  End of summer chores can lead to a dreaded case of poison ivy rash.  Sweet Fern is an age old remedy for taking care of the effects of poison ivy.  If  you know you had a brush with poison ivy, the best thing to do is to wash the affected area as soon as possible to prevent the spread or absorption of the urushiol (oil that causes the reaction) Sweet Fern soap is made especially for this.  The sweet fern in our soap is grown right here on our farm, and when you wash any poison ivy affected area, the sweet fern helps to neutralize the urushiol.  If you are not able to wash the area right away, or if you don’t know you had exposure, the sweet fern soap can help with the itching and weeping associated the rash.  Sweet Fern tea is also helpful if the rash erupts.  Just make a strong tea with a Sweet Fern tea bag, and dab it on the rash area. It helps with the itch and also helps to dry up any weeping which will allow your skin to heal quickly.

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