Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Adventures

Taking my business to a new level

I enjoy creating new herbal potions to address many of my skin issues and health concerns of various family and friends. I continue to educate myself on a sustainable way of life, and how to harness nature & creativity to help me achieve my goals. Whether it be health, happiness or even a little income, I look for a way that nature & creativity can be involved.
I want to offer my education and my herbal products to many more people. I had often toyed with the idea of a brick & mortar shop.  I have partnered with a like minded friend to open a shop that is the perfect blend of sustainability, creativity, nature and fun.

The Crafty Cauldron is a melting pot of all things crafty.  No, I'm not talking witchcraft & spells, well not exactly... I create my herbal potions of all sorts and my business partner, she wiggles her magic wand (crochet hook) and, presto, something appears!
Being creative is sadly becoming a thing of the past.  We see more and more technology replacing imagination, and in the process, being crafty is being forgotten.  We want to make sure that skills that our past generations used, are not lost.  We have gathered many crafters to help us with this mission.
We get together with them and the creativity magic just flows. We have classes to teach some skills like crochet, knitting, painting, jewelry making, and, of course, fun children crafts that let their imagination take hold.  We have reached out to many farmers that raise sheep or alpacas and use their fiber in some way. We have hand dyed yarns and fibers from them, and we make them available to people who might not be able to find such things.
I have learned many new skills since I have started my new venture, and will continue to learn and share these skills.  If you are in the area and would like to craft chat, feel free to stop in, have a cup of tea, and be inspired.

The Crafty Cauldron, 91 Central St., Winchendon MA 

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